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A drawing of any character(s) from any fandoms. Full-Body drawing, head-shot, pixel, and stamp available.
A picture of you, your character, or both! You can choose anyone or anything to pose with. Full-Body drawing, head-shot, pixel, and stamps available.


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SuperFlameKitty's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
'Ello everyone, and welcome to my page. I am an average artist doing what I consider to be average art.

What I Like Being Addressed As: Scorch, Super, Flame
Other Nicknames: Bad Mitten, Pyropuff, Parpuffpurr, Puppet, Stupid Fuckin' Kunt

Important Facts About Me:
-I only use Manga Studio 5.0, Paint, and the Snipping Tool when creating art.
-My drawing style is mostly cartoonish.
-I am good at drawing cartoonish humanoids and I write fairly well.
-I am adequate at designing clothing, sketching animals, and setting up comics.
-I am horrible at realistic portraits, backgrounds, and remaining serious in a conversation.
-The main two fandoms I am currently in are the SCP Foundation and Poptropica.

Useless Facts About Me:
-My favorite food is pasta/sushi; my least favorite is any form of steak.
-My favorite color is red; my least favorite is dark yellow.
-I love making new friends on here (even if they do spam me with messages).
-I love receiving criticism from my peers! :heart:

Are you interested in my work and want to see more? Then find me on-
Quotev as "Scorching Streaks of Paint". as "Scorching Streaks of Paint".
Poptropica as "AllTogetherNow2".
Tumblr as "Scorchingstreaksofpaint".

"Slowly shredding reality."
"I don't speak normality."
"Don't touch my shit."
"When life gives you lemons, make a lemon-powered robot."
"Save the young, break the middle-aged, destroy the old."
"Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!"
"The earth-boy is telling LIEEESSSSSS."
"Rain on the roof, stars in the sky; trust in yourself, and you will fly."
"Listen up, kiddo- I'm the shark and you're the minnow."
"I try to breathe a sigh of relief, but in a mere second, you gave me grief."
"Life is a gift and death is a mercy."

FRIENDS: (If you're on this list, you can ask for commissions without paying.)
:iconstarsquel: :iconlostintheflowoftime: :iconwolffygirl123: :iconvolcanicashee: :iconlokicaki: :iconcrypticconversation: :iconmidnightmartenmaster: :iconyurvitsune: :iconprettykitty984: :iconartistofpeaceftw: :iconcutiewintersnow: :iconch1bikuro: :iconjustadeaviant: :iconying-silverfish: :iconmustangandfnaflove: :iconajbox: :iconcaptain-6: :iconflianadiamond: :iconprannypandabunny:

Art Trades, Requests, and Commissions are open.
I'm flipping bored, so I made a list of people you people, the readers, should watch right now.
As well as the reasons.
Don't worry; I'm not going to send you on a scavenger hunt to search for the people you want to check out.

Just watch her already! The hell you waiting for? Lost draws fricking amazing shit.
Mmmm, see, check this shit out:
Sagittarius by lostintheflowoftimeOrder up! by lostintheflowoftime
That's called talent, motherfuckers, and she has it naturally.

Pros: Puts excellent detail into her artwork, so freaking sweet that you automatically receive diabetes upon talking to her.
Cons: Barely updates anymore, can commit betrayals to finish any and all evil schemes that she concocts, and you may need to get lost in time to talk to her.

The Queen of Table Flipping, of Spoopiness. She'll freaking destroy you with her grace.

Gods by yamiletArtCan't Keep in the Demon by yamiletArt
The patterns! The designs! You can only dream to be this great.
Pros: Can use simplistic styles and make them amazing, can make freaking fantastic worlds.
Cons: Might accidently destroy your self-esteem with her utter awesomeness.

Might not be the most glamorous mothertrucker, but she knows how to do some pretty epic shit.
Bad End by AJBox
Fight for the future (collab) by AJBox

Pros: When she wants to draw something, she will. May accidently give you diabetes as well.
Cons: Mostly draws Poptropica. Her anatomies are also a little disproportionate.

Can blaze through the sky on her jetback.
The Burritos:
(SPOILERS) The Mastermind(s) by BlazingAngel123
(REDRAW) The True Mastermind by BlazingAngel123
Can you even attempt to draw like this? Can you?

Pros: Knows how to draw humanoids fairly well, pretty funny, lines are smooth and even.
Cons: If you don't like Poptropica, then you're out of luck. She primarily draws Pop.

Smiles while the world burns.
Only then do I see by SmileyFaceOrg
Happy Halloween by SmileyFaceOrg
It's called "drawing with morbid precision".

Pros: Can draw extremely well, detail-oriented, an endearing psychopath.
Cons: Her pictures are always a bit (a lot) blurry, an endearing psychopath.

Her destiny is blue, and not in a negative way.
Example Mantles:
Find my Way by DestinyBlue

little roots by DestinyBlue

Pros: Beautifully crafted work, colors are excellently made, vacations around.
Cons: Rarely updates. Rarely.

Is a cat, but runs a mooing company.
The riches:
Like... Y'know by CorporationofMoo
The Horror! by CorporationofMoo
To think that he's probably younger than you.

Pros: Can draw with fucking excellent accuracy, can moo his ABCs.
Cons: Updates really, really slow.

A mixture of sugar and nightmares.

The Girl in The Computer by CutieWinterSnow
Red is the new! (Updated) by CutieWinterSnow
Does this inspire you to gore?

Pros: Can draw excellent humanoids, knows how to make bright colors actually blend together nicely.
Cons: "Is made of sugar and nightmares".

New to this world, but already styling.
Holy hell, check this shit out:
Christopher 'Road Kill' Woodes by Captain-6

He's a quick lil' bunny (TF2 FAN ART) by Captain-6
Fuck, man, cute as shit designs all around.
Pros: Cute as shit style, knows how to party (probably).
Cons: Kinda new to the site, will probably take over the world someday.

Welp, she's a Starfish Cult member. Need I say more?
Style change practice by Ying-silverfish

Church of the Broken God in a nutshell. by Ying-silverfish
You can dream, bud. You can dream.
Pros: Flipping amazing when sketching, knows how to draw scenarios pretty well, can write an essay at you in five seconds.
Cons: Never stops essaying. Or talking about the Starfish Cult. NEVER.

You know what I just realized? This was perfect practice for my Commercial Arts class!
Know what? I dare anyone reading this to make a similar list!
"Top Ten People You Should Watch Right Now".
  • Listening to: YOUR SCREAMS
  • Reading: everything
  • Watching: All of the porn you think you have hidden cleverly
  • Playing: With your mind
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: your soul


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