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A drawing of any character(s) from any fandoms. Full-Body drawing, head-shot, pixel, and stamp available.
A picture of you, your character, or both! You can choose anyone or anything to pose with. Full-Body drawing, head-shot, pixel, and stamps available.


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SuperFlameKitty's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
'Ello everyone, and welcome to my page. I am an average artist doing what I consider to be average art.

What I Like Being Addressed As: Scorch, Super, Flame
Other Nicknames: Bad Mitten, Pyropuff, Parpuffpurr, Puppet, Stupid Fuckin' Kunt

Important Facts About Me:
-I only use Manga Studio 5.0, Paint, and the Snipping Tool when creating art.
-My drawing style is mostly cartoonish.
-I am good at drawing cartoonish humanoids and I write fairly well.
-I am adequate at designing clothing, sketching animals, and setting up comics.
-I am horrible at realistic portraits, backgrounds, and remaining serious in a conversation.
-The main two fandoms I am currently in are the SCP Foundation and Poptropica.

Useless Facts About Me:
-My favorite food is pasta/sushi; my least favorite is any form of steak.
-My favorite color is red; my least favorite is dark yellow.
-I love making new friends on here (even if they do spam me with messages).
-I love receiving criticism from my peers! :heart:

Are you interested in my work and want to see more? Then find me on-
Quotev as "Scorching Streaks of Paint". as "Scorching Streaks of Paint".
Poptropica as "AllTogetherNow2".
Tumblr as "Scorchingstreaksofpaint".

"Slowly shredding reality."
"I don't speak normality."
"Don't touch my shit."
"When life gives you lemons, make a lemon-powered robot."
"Save the young, break the middle-aged, destroy the old."
"Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!"
"The earth-boy is telling LIEEESSSSSS."
"Rain on the roof, stars in the sky; trust in yourself, and you will fly."
"Listen up, kiddo- I'm the shark and you're the minnow."
"I try to breathe a sigh of relief, but in a mere second, you gave me grief."
"Life is a gift and death is a mercy."

FRIENDS: (If you're on this list, you can ask for commissions without paying.)
:iconstarsquel: :iconlostintheflowoftime: :iconwolffygirl123: :iconvolcanicashee: :iconlokicaki: :iconcrypticconversation: :iconmidnightmartenmaster: :iconyurvitsune: :iconprettykitty984: :iconartistofpeaceftw: :iconcutiewintersnow: :iconch1bikuro: :iconjustadeaviant: :iconying-silverfish: :iconmustangandfnaflove: :iconajbox: :iconcaptain-6: :iconflianadiamond: :iconprannypandabunny:

Art Trades, Requests, and Commissions are open.
1.) Name: ParPuffPurr

2.) Nicknames: Super, Scorch

3.) Age: A reasonable year

4.) Birthday: A reasonable day

5.) Health freak:  HAHAHAHAHA... what's health?

6.) Favorite color: Bright red.

7.) Gender: A reasona- oh, female.

8.) Elementary school: Some sort of decent education.

9.) Middle school: Some form of mediocre education.

10.) High school: Education?

11.) College: What is this magical place? Does it offer ramen?

12.) Tall or short: A reasonable height. Mediocre height.

13.) Sweats or jeans: Are you trying to kill my circulatory system? Fuckin' sweats.

14.) Girly girl or tomboy: Is fe-male an option?

15.) Phone or camera: Who even takes pictures anymore.

16.) Taken or single: Forever never interested.

17.) Talent: I consider myself to be an expert at living, though some might disagree. Ha.

18.) Swag or emo: Can't we all just be normal? No need to be a stereotype.

19.) Gamer: Somewhat. I like watching people play games, but I'm not allowed to download them, I don't have a gaming system, and I can barely play any internet games. So.

20.) Best friends: IS FRIENDS AN EMOTION? Haha, just kidding. My greatest friends on here have to be :iconlokicaki:, :iconying-silverfish:, :iconlostintheflowoftime:, and :iconajbox:.

21.) Biggest fears: I have a severe bee phobia. Freaking bees.

22.) Hardest thing you had to do: Present in front of an audience. Not any specific audience. Just. An audience.

23.) Have/had depression: Nope. I'm a chipper fellow.

24.) Got piercings: One for each ear.

25.) Got tattoos: Nope.

26.) Long/medium/short hair: I have medium hair. Want to know something? I used to look exactly like Frisk from Undertale when I was younger.

27.) Favorite food: It's either pasta with pesto or sushi.

28.) Ever been on an airplane: I go on a plane every year. I'm still deathly afraid of heights, though. BUT NOT AS MUCH AS FUCKING BEES.

29.) Pants or dress/skirt: Pants. Suspender. Anything but the dreaded lace.

30.) Height: 5'7". Pretty tall for a girl.

31.) Weight: A... sadly large amount.

32.) Married: To my bed.

33.) Have kids: Can't.

34.) Worst day of your life: I've barely had any bad days. Stressful ones, yes, but I have never had any truly horrible days.

35.) Hair color: Brooown.

36.) Skin Color: The palest of pale.

37.) Eye color: Hazel turning to green. Strangely enough, my eye color used to be reddish.

38.) Race: A reasonable contester.

39.) Glasses or no glasses: I might need glasses in the near future. My eyes are decent, but not the best, you know?

  • Listening to: YOUR SCREAMS
  • Reading: everything
  • Watching: All of the porn you think you have hidden cleverly
  • Playing: With your mind
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: your soul


Poprocks - The Villains
well, since I haven't been doing much lately, have some pop villains.

Golden Apple - Villain of Pecan Pie Island

Platinum Badge - Villain of Rabid Fangirl Island

Silver Boot - Villain of Villainy Island

Cornelius - Villain of Haunted House Island
Island: On Poptropica

Bronze Dragon - Villain of Railroad Island
Island: Title card not made yet


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Your art is great. Have a good day!
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If you wanted a commission, just tell me what it is.
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Actually I saw that I was on the list of people who didn't pay so I was like maybe I should fix it. *shrugs* You don't have to anything. Keep the points as a donation. :)
SuperFlameKitty Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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No, bro.
You were on the list.
I even said that it was a GIFT.
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I like Syndex

I feel awkward
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Hope you enjoy your stay.

But why exactly do you like Syndex??
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